Parent Workshop

Designed for parents and parents-to-be who have little to no experience signing with children.
The workshop provides information on the benefits of signing with babies, when and how to get started and many of the most useful signs for signing with infants and toddlers. Tips and activities for signing with young children will also be provided.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 49 € / person (30% discount for your partner)
* For the workshop to be held a minimum of 4 attendees is required.


Home Workshop: Get together a minimum of 5 friends and we will bring the workshop to you. Plus the hostess gets her workshop for free!

Individual Family Sessions: If you have a schedule that doesn’t really fit with other classes or you just want to do something in the intimacy of your family with the individual family session, you pick the time, you pick the place, and a lesson plan will be developed to meet your family’s learning goals. For a family of up to 4 people. Additional charges may apply depending on location and other extra costs.

Play and Sign Classes

These classes are designed for children 0-36 months old and their parents/caregivers.
Each class teaches real American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary through songs, games, playful activities and includes information on how to incorporate signing in your own daily life. 15 minutes following each class is allowed for open play, socializing with other families and questions.
You and your baby will gain the benefit of signing with the instructor and the opportunity to meet new friends for you and your baby.

There are 4 modules of Play and Sign Classes, each lasting 4 weeks. The modules are not cumulative, so the signs we cover in each module are not built on what we covered in the module before, this gives you the opportunity to join a module without having taken the one that was held before.

Module 1 – It’s Baby Signing Time

You and your baby will learn signs that are important in Baby’s daily life: foods, diaper change, pets.

Class 1 Eat and Drink
Class 2 More, Diaper, Hurt
Class 3 Pet Signs
Class 4 Mom and Dad Signs

Module 2 – Here I Go

Toddlers are always in the move. Celebrate it!
Learn signs for getting dressed, favorite toys, manners and sharing. After an active day, we’ll brush teeth, read a book and say goodnight.

Class 1 Clothing and Play Signs
Class 2 Here I Go
Class 3 My Nice Words
Class 4 Bedtime

Module 3 – A New Day

In a child eyes every new day brings excitement.
Stop and smell the flowers, let grass tickle your feet, feel wind in your hair, see shapes in the clouds, watch bugs crawl.
Listen when Mom and Dad says ‘Stop!’ so we can all stay safe!

Class 1 Day and Night
Class 2 Outside
Class 3 Strollin’
Class 4 Bugs Stop, Bugs Go

Module 4 – Let’s Be Friends

Lets play with our friends and learn about feelings.

Class 1 Friends and Feelings
Class 2 Opposites
Class 3 That Tastes Good
Class 4 Toy Box

Price: 50 € / module of 4 classes
* For the classes to be held a minimum of 4 attendees is required.


Private classes: Private Classes are based on the Play and Sign curriculum and are customized for families based on needs and interests. Additional charges may apply depending on location and other extra costs.

Special Request Classes

Don’t see a class or workshop that fits your schedule?
Already have a playgroup you would like to introduce sign language to?
Think silly signing songs might be a fun birthday party activity?
Contact us and we will tailor an event just for you!


Registration is required for all classes and workshops.

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